registration for

the catholic media virtual conference

Registration for the Catholic Media Virtual Conference is free, but will require registration for each of the sessions individually. The sessions are listed below with a link to register for each. Each person that registers will be sent a unique link to join the session. These links cannot not be shared. Registration for all sessions will close at 12:30 CT on June 30th.

SESSION 1  JULY 1st, 11:00 TO 12:30 CT

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  • Transitioning Workflow: Leverage technology to make your workflow more efficient

    Kilian Schalk from PurpleGray, Cassie Magnotta from Glenmary Challenge, and Gretchen Crowe from OSV

  • Practical Alternative Revenue Sources: Explore practical ways to generate revenue for your publication

    Bob Jaques from Catholic Sentinel and El Centinela

  • Social Media Analytics: Provides an overview of options for analytics for web traffic and social media

    Tim Swift from Catholic Review

SESSION 2   JULY 1ST, 2:00 TO 3:30 CT

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  • Strategic Planning: Diocesan planning - How to communicate during time of change

    Gabby Hlavek from The Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana

  • Successful Circulation Models

    Greg Hartman from The Catholic Telegraph and Jean Gonzalez from The Florida Catholic

  • The ABC's of Streaming: Post-COVID Edition

    Allen Kinzly from The Archdiocese of Atlanta and David Renshaw from The Archdiocese of Portland

SESSION 3  JULY 2nd, 11:00 TO 12:30 CT

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  • Game of Thrones was right: Chaos is a ladder - How do we use the creative tools we developed during the crisis to communicate to readers?

    Panel discussion with Chaz Muth, Sam Lucero, and Anita McSorley

  • Why Print is Still Essential for Dioceses and Catholic Organizations

    Patrick M. O’Brien from FAITH Catholic

  • Increasing Social Media: Thinking outside the box, but staying in the book

    David Bisono from the Hispanic Ministry Resource Center