frequently asked questions

Will the in-person conference be replaced by a virtual conference? 

  • THE CMC committee is actively working to develop a virtual conference, to reach out to speakers and sponsors and determine their availability to present and serve member needs. Please watch for more information for sessions this June to replace the conference. 

With the CMC cancelled, what happens to our room reservations?

  • All room reservations will automatically be cancelled with no fee or penalties for those who made reservations. Individuals do not have to cancel their reservation.
  • If you still want to visit Portland this summer you need to make new reservations depending on which hotels are open and accepting reservations.

Is the CPA offering registration refunds?

  • All conference reservations and sponsorship funds will be refunded. Our goal is to reimburse all registrants by the end of June or within this fiscal year. 

What will happen to the Award Presentation and announcements?

  • The CPA staff is working to complete the award process, judging is taking place and the Catholic Journalist will have all announcements as in previous years. 
  • The CMC committee is working with board members to develop some sort of visual presentation of award winners that will coincide with a virtual conference. 

Is there a conference planned for 2021?

  • Yes, the Catholic Media Conference is booked and scheduled for mid-June 2021 in Baltimore. Please include Baltimore in your plans for next year and watch for the Welcome invitation sometime this June.

Will there be a conference in Portland at some time?

  • Members were very interested in visiting Portland and we are negotiating with the hotel to move the conference to a date in 2022.