why portland?

The natural beauty of Portland is stunning. On a clear day, Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens dominate the horizon, while Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainer loom in the distance. Portland's setting has inspired its inhabitants to weave parks, green spaces, and a love for all-things-natural into the very design of their city and neighborhoods.

While debate still presses on whether to call themselves Portlanders or Portlandians, there is a fierce pride in being part of this city. As one blogger puts it, "Portland is the kind of city you visit for two days and then move to."

Visitors may notice a slight disdain for the mainstream in the motto of "Keep Portland Weird," but they will also find the profoundly rooted tenacity and resiliency that settled this great city its  urban vitality.

Portland is a perfect setting to get out of one's usual space, disrupt a routine, and find new, invigorating paths. It is a place to rise to new growth in an ever-changing and expanding communication and media landscape. Come to Portland to get a fresh perspective on life and find new pathways in work and ministry.


While visiting Portland, you will have plenty of opportunities for prayer and socialization. For a nominal fee, join colleagues for a riverboat dinner cruise on Monday evening. On Tuesday, hop on the bus to visit The Grotto, the National Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother, a ministry of the Order of Friar Servants of Mary. Visit thegrotto.org for more information.

be connected

In Portland, attendees from around the world gather with others who dare to step out with courage, professional excellence, and a firm resolve to live as missionary disciples called to boldly proclaim the Gospel in the unique way we do as Catholic media professionals. These voices are making a difference and positive impact on our culture; these individuals are taking risks necessary to improve how we communicate and conduct ourselves as communication professionals.

The world is moving at an ever-quickening pace. As people of faith and integrity, Catholic journalists, creatives, and communication professionals are building on our strong foundation and reaching out in new ways and with new ardor.

Join us as we seek a new and renewed vision for 2020 and beyond!